New Adland Giant: Uni Global Advert Com

Over the last week or so, Atlanta-based ad shop Ames Scullen O'Haire has been having quite a bit of fun at the expense of the big agency holding companies. Well, likely not at their expense since they're so huge, they probably don't even know Ames Scullin O'Haire even exists. Which, in a way, is the theme of three videos the agency created entitled Merger Part 1, 2 and 3. Of part 3, out on Halloween, ASO ECD Patrik Scullin said, “This installment is about the alienation a client feels as a result of his agency becoming part of the big agency network merger. His account service has been reduced to Skype calls as he’s being attacked by specialty agencies that are also part of the monolithic Uni Global Advert Com agency network. The scary turn that their relationship has taken made this film perfect for a Halloween release.” In a way, the humorous series, an exploration of every CMO's nightmare, makes a strong point. Bigger is not always better. Trouble is, no one likes to stay small. Even if they say they do. For the right price, ASO would likely hop right on the holding company train like everyone else.



Oy! Another ad agency changes its name to something silly. Sioux Falls-based Epic Multimedia has changed its name to, yes, Epicosity...whatever that means. It kind of sounds like viscosity which makes one think of oil which, we're pretty sure, the agency wasn't going for. In fact, Co-Founder and CMO Justin Smorawske said, “The impetus to rebrand was really crystalized by the branding and rebranding work we’ve done for our clients and following our own advice. This really is a culmination of months of effort to align our brand with what we do, our commitment to our clients and our expanded expertise.” Still sounds greasy.

Engine, a privately held ad group in the U.K. which owns New York-based Deep Focus and London-based Jam, has acquired Shanghai-based FlipScript, a digital creative agency that works with New Balance, Starbucks, Tourism Australia among others. FlipScript will be renamed Deep Focus/FlipScript. The acquisition brings Engine's headcount up to 270 employees in New York, London, St. Loius and, now, Shanghai.

Houston-based On-Target! Marketing is happy this week. The agency was awarded Houston's Best PRISM award for Radio Commercial of the Year. The spot was part of Lakes of Bella Terra’s “spring builders” incentive campaign. The commercial features a funny exchange between two children sharing their take on “What’s an Incentive,” while an adult voiceover explains the true builder incentives available at Lakes of Bella Terra. The spot was judged on meeting communication objectives, production techniques, creativity and impact. The annual honor is given by the Greater Houston Builders Association. The agency also won the PRISM award for "Website of the Year" in the Remodelers category and "Internet Marketing Campaign of the Year" for Developers. Congrats.

Interpublic Group's Deutsch (whose namesake took his shirt off on Thursday morning's MSNBC Morning Joe, has, without review, become the global agency for Johnson & Johnson's Acuvue. Deutsch inherited the account from Interpublic sibling McCann Health though McCann will continue to handle the brand in a supporting role.

Healthcare communications agency, LLNS, has announced two new hires; Harriet Perdikaris as Senior Vice President, Management Supervisor and Melissa Weiss as Senior Vice President, Director of Human Resources. LLNS President Janet Donnelly gushingly praised both hires in a press release.  

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  1. Patrick Scullin from Ames Scullin O'Haire, inc., November 1, 2013 at 3:13 p.m.

    Thanks for the digital ink, Richard. True, no one wants to stay small, which is why Ames Scullin O'Haire ( is now accepting accounts over $100 million in billings (smaller ones, too).

    The big holding companies have yet to make us an offer we couldn't refuse, although the horse's head in bed was pretty persuasive.

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