Mobile Ad Net StartMeApp Acquires Trading Desk AdNubo

StartMeApp, a mobile advertising network, has announced its acquisition of digital advertising trading desk AdNubo. The acquisition will bring AdNubo's technology for desktop real-time bidding (RTB) to StartMeApp's mobile ad offerings.

“Analysts and market experts increasingly identify programmatic RTB as the future driver of mobile advertising," stated Alejandro Campos Carles, co-managing director and founder of StartMeApp. 

Tomas Mur, StartMeApp's network manager, will oversee the operation of the platform. According to the press release, "AdNubo will function as a branded platform as part of StartMeApp."

AdNubo was launched as an independent trading desk startup earlier this year. The company claims to deliver nearly 25 billion monthly impressions in the Latin America and U.S. markets.

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