NEW! FedEx One-Rate Shipping Lets Santa Overdo It With Coal

FedExThe holiday campaigns are out in full force, with FedEx debuting TV ads and Vine videos to promote its One Rate shipping service -- which reminds me of the “If it fits, it ships” campaign from the U.S. Post Office. Same logic here: Consumers can fill a box and ship it for one flat rate. I’d want to get my money’s worth, too. And so does Grandma in “Cozies.” She not only had room to send knitted toaster cozies, she also sent cozies for the Christmas tree, family dog and her grandson. See it here. Fun fact: the cozies in the ad were actually knit by the winner of FedEx’s small-business grant contest – Darn Good Yarn. Thanks to One Rate shipping, Santa doesn’t just send one lump of coal to a bad kid, he fills the box. Watch it here. In one Vine video, seen here, FedEx sends not just one pair of glasses to NFL referees, but an entire box filled with eyeglasses, binoculars and a mini-telescope. In “Thanksgiving,” a mom sends her child everything needed to host his first Thanksgiving. See it here. BBDO NY created the campaign.
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