Samsung Video Ads Were the Most Seen on Visible Measures List for 2013

The short holiday shopping season hasn’t just made retailers pick up the pace. The dependable end-of-the-year listmakers are also hard at work earlier than ever this year, it seems, and for that, on a Wednesday before Thanksgiving,  I am appropriately most thankful.

By way of, Visible Measures, the company that measures and analyzes brand videos, released its list of 10 merchandisers whose videos got the most views in 2013, a stat that would seem to indicate agreeable content and a popular brand, and wise placement.   

Tops, for the second year in a row that Visible Measures has done this, is Samsung, with 491 million views, mainly for it short films featuring Jay Z and Usher. Samsung left everybody else more or less in the dust, beating Google, the second place finisher by 122 million votes.

While I have an inclination for sympathy for the earnest, losing striver,  Google’s  15-second Chrome commercial  annoyed me to the point that it quickly became a 5-second spot whenever and wherever I saw it.  It is the worst presumably noteworthy commercial I’ve seen this year, though I notice Visible Measures doesn’t really care about that.  Google’s video ads had 369 million views.

After those two, though, the list trails off considerably, and so too, do the scope of the efforts. Samsung particularly spent 2013 making statements, apparently pretty successfully. But, Business Insider points out , “With just 51 active campaigns this year, the average Apple campaign was more than 10 times as popular as the average Samsung campaign.”  Samsung had 149 campaigns; Apple finished ninth.  

The whole list:

  1. Samsung, 491 million views
  2. Google, 369 million views
  3. Sony, 169 million views
  4. Dove, 159 million views
  5. Rovio, 142 million views
  6. 5-Hour Energy, 120 million views
  7. Nike, 107 million views
  8. Evian,  100 million views
  9. Apple, 92 million views
  10. Pepsi Max, 91 million views.

Interestingly, only three of those brands—Dove, Evian and Pepsi Max—ended up on Unruly Media’s  recently released list of  the Top 20 most shared video ads for the year that I wrote about a little while ago. That entire list is here.  Dove Real Beauty Sketches was first, Evian was third and Pepsi Max was seventh. That list seems to be skewed, at least a little and sometimes a lot, by the spectacle ads created for the Super Bowl, and it only measures shares of specific ads, not bushels of campaigns. And shared videos often, and not surprisingly, are shared in the first few days and then calm down.

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