'Premium' Mobile RTB Inventory Doubled In Q3, Set To Double Again

Global mobile ad marketplace Adfonic has released its Q3 2013 Global AdMetrics Report. In it, the company notes that "premium" mobile inventory available for real-time bidding (RTB) continues to rise at a rapid rate.

The report says there were 1.9 billion "premium" mobile ad impressions available for RTB in Q3 2013. This is compared to the 342 million in Q4 2012, 582 million in Q1 2013, and 949 million in Q2 2013.

"At this rate of growth, we predict that Q4 2013 could see nearly 4.5 billion ad requests from from RTB-enabled premium inventory," the report reads.

In a company blog post detailing the report, Adfonic wrote that RTB is "utterly changing mobile advertising."

The data comes from Adfonic's mobile demand-side platform (DSP), Madison. The report can be found here.



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