Lenovo Taps TubeMogul, Requires Its Agencies To Use For Video Buys

Lenovo today announced the selection of TubeMogul as its programmatic video advertising partner of choice. As a result of the partnership, Lenovo will require that its media agencies around the globe use TubeMogul's software when buying video ads on its behalf.

The personal computer company has been testing TubeMogul's software for the past year, and Gary Milner, director of global digital marketing at Lenovo, claimed in a release that TubeMogul reduced the company's costs by 70% compared to ad networks, leading them to partner with the video ad company.

Brett Wilson, CEO of TubeMogul, told RTM Daily that prior to today's partnership, Lenovo would send RFPs to TubeMogul as part of its regular RFP process when buying video ads. 

"What's changing now is that they will be logging in to TubeMogul and using our software instead of going through an RFP process," Wilson said. He admitted that Lenovo might not entirely drop its RFP model, but said it now will come to TubeMogul first.

Financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

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