VisualDNA Strikes Data, Ad Technology Partnerships

VisualDNA, an audience insights company, today announced it has completed integrations with five technology platforms, including AOL Networks' and, DataXu, Krux and Rocket Fuel.

The partnerships with Krux and DataXu, both of which are data management platforms (DMPs), are especially noteworthy. VisualDNA did not previously have partnerships with DMPs.

"Programmatic has continued its impressive progress through 2013," Brian O'Sullivan, managing director of media at VisualDNA, stated. "We think this growth will accelerate in 2014." O'Sullivan excepts the quality of data to improve and, perhaps most importantly, that more brand dollars will be dedicated for programmatic.

"It's now possible to segment an audience online as you would in the offline world, and we expect demand for emotive data to grow as digital marketing gets smarter," O'Sullivan added.

"Emotive" data is unique to VisualDNA. It comes from online quiz results the company issues. The company has psychologists and data scientists that study the quiz results and claim to use them to discover consumer personality traits, aspirations and motivations.

The five new partners join an impressive list of current VisualDNS partners, including AppNexus, DoubleClick, MediaMath, Turn and Videology.



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