FreeWheel, comScore Partner To Make Online Video Buying More Like TV

Video ad platform FreeWheel today announced it has partnered with comScore to bring comScore’s validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) and validated Media Essentials (vME) to FreeWheel’s platform. The purpose of the partnership is to help move more TV dollars online by making the online video buying process more like television.

Anne Hunter, SVP of global marketing strategy at comScore, told RTM Daily that the “integration provides a process for selling and measuring video inventory that is closely aligned with traditional GRP (gross ratings points) measures used in TV.”

Doug Knopper, co-founder and co-CEO of FreeWheel, added, “In particular, this will benefit advertisers who buy premium video advertising based on audiences, in a similar fashion to television,” Publishers will also be able to plan and run audience campaigns validated by comScore through FreeWheel.

Marketers will be able to tag video content across all screens, including mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes and gaming console. The reporting will happen in real-time.

In a statement announcing the news, Knopper said the partnership “make[s] it easier for TV networks to execute and measure video advertising buys with linear-like measurements throughout the media planning cycle.”

The integration of comScore metrics into FreeWheel’s platform will take place over the first half of 2014.

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