Giganettv's Real-Time Content Streams To Debut

Multitasking may hit new levels of complexity should Giga Entertainment Media efforts come to pass.

The Long Island, N.Y.-- based media technology company says it has developed technology allowing 30 real-time content streams on one screen at the same time. Giga calls the technology Giganettv and it will be available to pay TV providers -- cable, satellite and telco -- during the first quarter of 2014.

On a single site, the company says, “subscribers can access live cable channel lineups, movies, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, social networks, Web search, email, text, blog, join single or multiple live personal or group chats, conference, Skype, play video games and record -- all in HD on simultaneous multiple PIP (picture-in-picture) expandable, shrinkable and movable floating screens.”

The company adds that users of the service can buy other options, such as advanced programming guides, newsfeeds and alerts.

Douglas Miller, who is a white label licensing/content acquisition administrator at Giga Entertainment Media, stated: "Cable TV is an over-priced relic of another entertainment age. There are well over 5,000 of these providers worldwide that are losing market share and require an affordable solution to their challenges.”



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