Kathy Ireland To Launch Pet Care Line

Move over, Martha Stewart. Consumer pet products company Worldwise is partnering with supermodel and designer Kathy Ireland.

Under the long-term, exclusive licensing agreement, Kathy Ireland Worldwide will develop a line of “solution based home decor friendly pet products” and market the collection under the brand “Kathy Ireland Loved Ones.”

"Kathy makes a great partner,” Kevin Fick, Worldwise CEO said in a release. “She brings both her design savvy as well as her knowledge of what it means to be a busy parent to both the two-footed and four-footed child. Kathy's design sense combined with Worldwise's ability to create innovative and solution based products is a winning combination."

The partnership has evolved naturally, and through the shared interest in pet wellness has led to building a significant pet advocacy program that will work to raise awareness of the benefits of pet adoption, he added.



The pet product collection will be both functional and stylish. Products will launch at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Fla., in March.

Kathy Ireland Worldwide is recognized as one of the country's most successful design and marketing firms with revenues, according to Forbes magazine, topping $2 billion in licensed products annually.

"We have never thought of ourselves as pet owners, rather, we are the trusted guardians for these very special 'loved ones'," Ireland said in a release.

The two companies are committed to making the world a better place for all pets and the families who love them, she added.

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