Most Super Bowl Viewers Will Share Ads on Social Media

It’s no secret that for many viewers, the most interesting part of the Super Bowl is the ads, ranging from comical to cloyingly sentimental, just weird to puzzling. This year more than ever, conversations about the ads will take place online.

A majority of Super Bowl viewers -- 61% -- said they will share ads on social media, and an even greater proportion, 67.4%, will post about them during the game, according to a new survey of an estimated 1,000 people by Crowdtap, a social-influence marketing program.
In fact, the discussion will start before the game: 37.6% of respondents said they will look up Super Bowl ads before kickoff, and one in four will post about the ads on social media before the game. Asked why, 59.1% said they would look up ads beforehand because they’re interested in the brand, 55% because a friend or family member posted about it on social media, and 47% because a friend or family member told them in person. (That suggests social media beats “real life” interpersonal for word-of-mouth.)
A large proportion of respondents (41.2%) expect to be on social media during most, if not all, of the Super Bowl, while a further 29.4% will log in from time to time. Asked what they’ll be doing on social media, 56.3% said they would post or tweet about their favorite team or player’s performance, 55.8% said they would do the same for their favorite ads, and 50.5% said they would share their thoughts on the halftime show.
In terms of platforms, social media is still competing with other (relatively) older channels. Overall, Facebook was the clear leader, with 55.8% saying they expect to post to Big Blue during the game, followed by 41.5% for texting, 28.1% for phone conversations, and 25.1% for Twitter. Just 13.2% said they will send emails about it, 12.5% will IM, and 7.2% will blog.
Post-game, 65.3% said they will probably post about ads that appeared during the broadcast, while 62.2% will re-watch the ads online.

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