YouTube Identifies Cooking And Food As Fastest-Growing Channels

Content related to cooking and food is the fastest-growing genre on YouTube for both men and women. Some 370 million views were generated by the top 20 cooking and food channels on the video site in 2013. Last year, the top 20 cooking shows and food channels experienced an increase of 2.4 times in subscriptions.

Cake was the most engaging food content for women on YouTube in 2013. Some 35% of women engaged with the topic last year. Bacon was the most engaging topic on the site for men. In fact, 31% of men engaged with the topic of Bacon.

The top ten most-subscribed cooking and food channels include Epic Mealtime, Rosanna Pansino, Laura Vitale's Kitchen, Food Wishes, Cooking with Dog, Sorted Food, Nicho's Kitchen, Jamie Oliver, Yoymax12, and O Role Gourmet.

Google points to three key strategies that allowed Jamie Oliver to grow his community of food lovers to 600,000 subscribers, but for some geeks the integration of science to learn how PH balances in food change color could very well do it. Oliver ran a 30-minute live interactive show that showcases the latest cooking talent on his channel, and gives subscribers a look into his daily life.



More people watch YouTube then cable networks. It turns out that YouTube is No. 1 in reaching 18- to-34-year-olds, but not all engage similarly on YouTube. Music, comedy and film and animation are the top three genres that most women in this category watch, whereas music, gaming and comedy are the top three for males.

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