Atlas Announces Partnership With Innovid

What has Facebook been doing with Atlas since buying the ad management and measurement unit from Microsoft last year? If nothing else, the social giant has been trying to keep Atlas’s offerings relevant through additional investment and partnerships.

Just this week, the Atlas team announced two partnerships -- one with rich media platform Flite, and another with video ad platform provider Innovid. The addition of Innovid's ad platform is expected to make static video ads more engaging, while making that engagement easier to measure in terms of awareness and time spent.

“We believe these are the early days of video advertising,” Innovid CEO Zvika Netter told Social Media & Marketing Daily on Wednesday.

Billing will also be integrated, which should save brands some paperwork. At its essence, the partnership will result in new efficiencies for clients, according to Erik Johnson, head of Atlas at Facebook.



"Agencies today are struggling to find the true ROI of a marketing action across their different channels, while also lowering costs," Johnson stated. "Adding Innovid's … video platform to Atlas’ server will address this challenge.”

Through its Partner Alliance, Atlas maintains ties with a number of technology providers like MediaBank and AppNexus for campaign management; MediaMath and Turn as demand-side platforms; and Adobe for site analytics.

Late last year, Rob Creekmore, head of analytics at Facebook, suggested that company had big plans for Atlas. Then, with Atlas’s help, Facebook began running ads in third-party mobile apps, at the beginning of this year.

Analyst have suggested that, with Altas in tow, Facebook could be developing an online ad platform to rival Google’s AdSense.

This year, eMarketer estimates that domestic digital video ad spending will amount to $4.14 billion.

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