Brands Like Dell Building Newsrooms

"Brands feel like they have to build a newsroom, but believe me -- they would rather not," said former journalist Stephanie Losee, now managing editor at Dell. Losee said during the OMMA SXSW conference Saturday that brands would rather lean on publications like Forbes and The New York Times, which joined her on a panel questioning whether content will become the new advertising.

The conversation around this new advertising model isn't exactly new. It's just maturing and ongoing.

Panelists during last year's MediaPost Search Insider Summit discussed the creation of newsrooms at brands and agencies and how the process works alongside traditional marketing and advertising.

The explosion of content will give way to new rules that might kick a few old ones to the curb. It has changed some training internal processes at brands like Dell. Losee said the company is flying her around the world to train employees how to write well. A "subject matter expert" in a company isn't a journalist, so it's not a defeat if the content isn't journalism, she said.

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