Innerscope Wins Award For Research Paper on TV Vs. Online Consumer Engagement

Consumer neuroscience specialist Innerscope Research Inc. has received the Advertising Research Foundation's "Great Mind Award" for its research paper on a how audiences emotionally engage with online versus televised content.
The paper, "Leveraging Synergy and Emotion in a Multi-Platform World: A Neuroscience Informed Model of Engagement," was recognized by ARF's Journal of Advertising Research as best paper for 2013. The award is given for contributions to the field of advertising theory that hold the greatest potential for impacting advertising practices.

So what did Innerscope find out in its study?

Namely, that viewer emotional engagement was higher when an unfamiliar brand was seen first on TV rather than online. 

"Increased engagement translated into a nearly threefold advantage in post- exposure brand resonance, a biometric measure of brand equity. The results also inform synergistic media planning to maintain brand equity with television while enhancing brand engagement within related online content," Innerscope explained in a release.

The study was conducted with Fox Broadcasting, whose VP of sales research and marketing is listed as a co-author of the paper. 

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