Shift Offers Self-Serve Ad Platform For Twitter Ads

Shift, a marketing software company with a focus on social advertising, on Monday announced the addition of a self-serve platform for Twitter ads. The new platform lets marketers buy ads on Twitter via programmatic and is part of Shift’s social marketing suite, Open Marketing Cloud.

The company says the self-serve platform taps into the Twitter Ads API and gives marketers access to services including Lead Gen Cards, Tailored Audiences Targeting and Twitter Conversion Pixel stats.

Marketers can use Twitter's partners or their own first-party data for the Tailored Audiences offering, per a release. James Borow, co-founder and CEO of Shift, hopes the ability to use first-party data will win over Fortune 500 brands. He stated the self-serve platform was built in part to let those large brands use their first-party data themselves.

The company claims one large tech company used Promoted Tweets through the platform and cut its new customer acquisition costs in half.

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