Agency Promotes Itself With 'Mad Men'-Themed Blaxploitation Video

Some will question whether or not this was a good move. Others will simply laugh. New York-based Leroy & Clarkson, an agency which touts itself “we are the whatever-you-need-to-do-with-your-brand-we-can-do-it agency,” created a video called Don-O-Mite. It's a Blaxploitation treatment of "Mad Men" complete with Black Peggy (she’s got the honey), Slim Sterling (the silver-tongued cat at the top of the stack), Sugar Hills Holloway (topsy-turvy and oh so curvy) and Pete the Soup Man Campbell (slimy, slippery and oh so sleazy). It's wickedly witty and we love it. Check it out here

Speaking of Mad Men, David Murray, son to Thomas Murray who was creative director at Campbell-Ewald in Detroit during the 1960s, has written a piece for The Atlantic in which he reveals what really went on back in the Mad Men era. Yes, there was sexism. No, everyone wasn't drunk all day long. No, everyone wasn't having sex all the time. Yes, men referred to women as girls. Certainly it was something like "Mad Men." Just not the amped-up TV version we all so love to watch each week. 

And speaking of sexism, ad agency Marketel commissioned a study to determine what irks women about the advertising that is supposed to so deftly connect with them. Chief among the things women hate about ads is when brands talk down to them, assuming they know nothing about cars, sports or finance. They hate being patronized with images of women laughing while eating salad or dancing while discussing menstruation or practically having an orgasm when discussing yogurt. They hate being treated as sex objects commonly seen in beer and cologne ads. They hate the assumption all mothers drive minivans and are the only ones who play an active role in the household. And no more pink. Okay, got it?

Crispin Porter + Bogusky has added Ralph Wilson as its new chief creative officer. Watson joins the firm following the December departure of the agency's Worldwide CCO Rob Reilly and a decision to move to a more decentralized model offering more autonomy to individual CPB offices. Watson comes to CPB after having worked at BBDO and Goodby Detroit.



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