More Connected Devices Means More Support Needed

As more consumer devices and services get connected, they’re looking for more in the way of tech support services, particularly those that protect against loss, theft and or virus protection. 

According to new research from Parks Associates, more than 50% of U.S. tablet and smartphone owners are interested in protective tech support services, despite fewer than 10% having ever experienced a catastrophic problem. According to the survey, 55% of smartphone owners want some service that could protect them from viruses and identity theft, while half would like a service that replaces the device if it were accidentally damaged. The most common complaints from consumers, however, are short battery life and difficulty establishing network connections. 



“People want that sense of security. It’s the closest we could see along the lies of a warranty or support service,” Patrice Samuels, research analyst at Parks Associates, tells Marketing Daily. “It’s minimizing risk, even though the [chance] of infecting your cell phone isn’t very high.”

Meanwhile, as more connected products move into the home, there will be an even greater need for tech services, Samuels says. According to the research many households are looking to purchase Internet-connected home monitoring products such as smoke or fire detectors (40% of U.S. broadband households) or motion/window seniors and smart thermostats (25%). 

“As consumers adopt new categories of devices, including home automation and home monitoring devices, new support opportunities emerge,” Samuels says.  “Successful premium support services will take a comprehensive approach to address consumer needs and help consumers get the most out of their devices.”

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