Billboard Campaign Helps Track Down Public Pooper

This is just too strange not to share. Adams Outdoor in Ypsilanti, Michigan erected a billboard with the hashtag #ypsipooper and the headline "Help Us Catch the Poopertrator." Say what? It seems the town of Ypsilanti has a rogue pooper who has been defecating in public parks and even leaving skid marks on slides. Other billboard headlines include: "Do Your Civic Doody, Report the Pooper," and "Help us Flush the Pooper." Copywriting gold, huh? It's worth checking out the News 7 report in which all manner of pooperific banter ensues. Perhaps as a result of the campaign, the police say they have a lead on the pooper.

To help employees maintain and fuel their creative spirits, Memphis-based archer-malmo has opened the "lab@archer-malmo," a space for employees to do some creative tinkering and expand their creative thinking. The lab includes such non-ad related imagineering items such as circuit boards and 3D printers. Of the lab and what the agency is doing with it, archer Director of Digital Development Robby Grant said: "So we've had our creative people in the creative department kind of cross over to help with some of that stuff and working with the 3D printing. We've also fleshed out some of the other prototypes we've been working on in the lab." It's always good to have some playtime amidst all the work, right?

Well, here's an interesting way to welcome a new employee. Philadelphia-based Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners recently appointed Ryan Scott as the agency's first West Coast VP and group creative director. Scott joins RTO+P from Deutsch LA, where he was ACD and CD. To welcome Scott, RTO+P's Steve Thompson created a portrait of Scott out of beach brush and used an ariel drone to capture the portrait's creation. Of Scott joining the firm, RTO+P President and CCO Steve Reed said:  “Ryan has done awesome work on iconic brands and we’re stoked to have him join us and help us continue building out our West Coast office. We were also excited to see his head sculpted really large on a beach.”

While Publicis Group has seen revenue grow 3.3% in the first quarter of 2014, there have been declines in some parts of the world for the holding company, but Publicis Groupe CEO Maurice Levy says he expects things to improve everywhere this year. And of the few naysayers who still think the Publicis-Omnicom merger may not go through, Levy is unfazed and said: "I would like to stress that Publicis has a very clear strategy with strong objectives and a strong position and I do believe we are the best holding company in our sector for the future, bar none. There is no issue if we go back to a standalone company. Life is good for Publicis whatever happens."



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