Like Their Parents, Hispanic Millennials Love Soccer

Want to reach Hispanic millennials? Find a soccer tie-in.

That’s according to a new study out from Octagon, the Interpublic Group sports and entertainment marketing specialist.

“Soccer provides that seamless platform between a sport Hispanic mmillennials claim as their own and also one that can now lead them to think bigger and bolder in the U.S.,” said Octagon Access director Aldo Kafie. “For brands, there is value in finding the right balance between communicating a tip of the cap to their heritage while also pushing a fresh perspective they can identify with.”

The report, titled, “Dos a Cero,” found that Two-thirds of Hispanic millennials are born in the U.S. More than any other sport, soccer gives them the opportunity to “connect to their past and forge their future.”



Another key finding from the report: 31% of Hispanic millennials are soccer fans, which is more than two times than the general population, while 75% of Hispanic millennials are actively using social media. Thus, the study surmises, the segment is driving the growth of both the online soccer conversation and the stadium experience.

“When it comes to soccer, the Hispanic millennial is Hispanic at its core. Even though they are U.S. born, when it comes to ‘their sport,’ they take great pride in their Latino heritage and their parents’ country of origin. To ignore this means losing a significant opportunity to connect with them culturally and emotionally.”

More on the study can be found here.

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