BrightRoll Bakes Nielsen, ComScore Ratings Into Platform, Taps BlueKai For Mobile Audience Targeting

Programmatic video ad platform BrightRoll on Wednesday announced several key partnerships that will give its clients access to measurement data and additional inventory. The company has also struck a partnership with Oracle’s BlueKai to encourage advertisers to buy mobile video ads.

On the measurement front, BrightRoll has tapped the two largest audience measurements firms in comScore and Nielsen. While BrightRoll first announced a partnership with Nielsen back in December 2013, Wednesday’s announcement adds that Nielsen’s Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) data will be available for free, as will comScore’s validated Campaign Essentials (vCE).

Tim Avila, SVP of marketing operations, told RTM Daily that Nielsen and comScore's campaign data will be baked into BrightRoll’s platform “for every campaign and for every client.”

“From a planning standpoint, it gives buyers a lot of useful information right up front,” Avila said. “It lets marketers know how they could compliment their TV buys with online.”

However, he said the Nielsen and comScore integrations go beyond planning to include targeting, optimization and reporting. That takes the existing Nielsen partnership a couple steps further -- BrightRoll previously only had access to its targeting data -- and also gives buyers campaign reports for free.

“Typically, those reports costs thousands of dollars,” Avila claimed.

As previously noted, BrightRoll has also partnered with BlueKai to give its clients the ability to create audience segments for mobile campaigns. Avila said that prior to this partnership, BrightRoll clients would use whatever first-party targeting data they had when running mobile campaigns.

Avila said BlueKai will be BrightRoll’s first audience targeting partner with a focus on mobile.

“BlueKai has access to tens of thousands of audience segments, and any buyer on our platform can now use those to target users on mobile devices,” he said. He added that the audience segments include consumers using iOS and Android devices as well as tablets.

Avila believes the ability to target audiences in mobile will be a “major catalyst for growth” in mobile advertising. He said the partnership with BlueKai is the “first of many to come” in regards to BrightRoll's mobile efforts. He also hinted that ultimately, the goal is to allow for cross-device targeting through BrightRoll.

Lastly, BrightRoll has announced an expanded partnership with Google that gives BrightRoll clients easier access to the DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Google and BrightRoll have been partners for years, but Avila said today’s announcement marks the completion of “fully integrating [the] two platforms.”

The “final step” of the partnership included giving BrightRoll clients the ability to buy AdX inventory programmatically, including inventory on YouTube. Previously, BrightRoll had access to AdX, but Avila said acquiring the inventory was “more manual in nature.” Google had full programmatic access to BrightRoll’s inventory beginning in Q4 2013.

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