Octoly Beta Tests Dashboard To Help YouTube Advertisers Discover, Inventory Views

Octoly, a brand management software company that helps YouTube advertisers, earlier this week launched a beta test of two new products, Suite360 and ContextID, that it says gives advertisers a “holistic” overview of a brand’s owned, earned and paid activity.

With 360, advertisers can use one dashboard to monitor their owned media and UGC content. Octoly says it monitors over 11 million YouTube channels with content related to the top 1,000 brands and discovered hundreds of billions of views advertisers don’t know about.

Suite360 provides marketers access “to the tools and analytics to gain a comprehensive overview of their presence on YouTube in order to pilot their owned, earned and paid media.”said Thomas Owadenko, CEO and founder of the self-funded company, started last year, with offices in Paris and New York.

The other product, ContextID allows an advertiser to hyper-target by monitoring millions of YouTube videos and then arranging a contextual inventory, which Octoly says can improve click-through and completion rates.

Octoly’s software and specific tools provide access to metrics to analyze YouTube audience on YouTube, including viewership, subscribers, commentators and consumption habits, regionally and worldwide.

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