That Publicis Omnicom Merger? Still Not Looking Good

There is mounting belief that the merger between Publicis Group and Omnicom will never happen. The latest comes from analysts who have lost whatever warmth they may ever have had for the deal. Pivotal Research Group Analyst Brian Wieser said: "There is evidently a realistic chance that the merger with Publicis will not be completed, whether due to external factors or management preferences." And Albert Fried Analyst Rich Tullo places the odds of the deal coming to fruition at 40%, a drop from his original 66%. While challenges mount including a fight over who will become CFO, the deal contains a $500 million termination fee that must be paid by the party that backs out first. So there's plenty of incentive still in place to make the deal work.

The phrase "stop trying to make Fetch happen" comes to mind when hearing about all the companies and marketers out there that can't wait to jump on the drone bandwagon with their offerings. Ever since Amazon dropped the ridiculous Amazon Prime Air on us, marketers and agencies have been in overdrive toying with their pet drone projects. But the FAA is having none of it. When Minneapolis agency Pocket Hercules pulled a stunt for its client Lakemaid beer, it received a warning from the FAA. Of the warning, CCO Jack Supple said: “They warn you and inform you of the regulations. The next level is a stiffer warning. Then they can fine you. Then they can actually blacklist you, or so I’ve heard. If you push it too far, you will not be licensed when it comes time to be licensed.” Pocket Hercules is just one of many agencies and marketers playing in the space. Supple adds, “Drones have already done quite a bit to the creative landscape with the photography being shot from them. That’s being done now, but they’re just being quiet about it because the photographers don’t want to be issued a $10,000 fine. The FAA is probably justified in trying to make sure that every Tom, Dick or Harry can’t be running commercial drones over the heads of the citizenry.” Yup. Still doing it. Just not talking about it.

Do you want your voice heard regarding the fact that just 3% of creative directors are women? Do you want to hear what those who are addressing the situation have to say? As an extension of the 3Percent Conference that was held last fall in San Francisco, the organization has launched a series of smaller, road show events. There's one this week in New York hosted by Ogilvy & Mather. Beginning at 6 p.m. Thursday (May 8) with cocktails, of course, a panel moderated by MediaPost Editor-at-Large Barbara Lippert will include 3Percent Conference Founder Kat Gordon, Deutsch NY CCO Kerry Keenan, Ogilvy & Mather NY ECD Corinna Falusi, BBDO NY CCO Greg Hahn and BBH NY CCO John Patroulis. Check it out here.

And here's a fun one. Ryan McLeod, Grant MacLennan and David Park from Glasgow, Scotland agency Equator are out with Critique That Shit, a site on which you can enter a URL and have a deadpan, Siri-like voice spit out canned Web site critiques like, "I 100% appreciate your design efforts" and "Like Jesus on the cross, you nailed it Boss." Check it out if you want a laugh but don't expect any true insight. Oh wait -- are the real-life critiques you receive ever insightful? Maybe these will be better.



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