San Diego Zoo Touts Tiger Trail

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is touting its new Tiger Trail exhibit in a multimedia campaign.

From M&C Saatchi LA, the creative offer a humorous take on how tweens are inspired to harness their own “tiger power” after an intense experience with one of the six endangered Sumatran tigers at the Safari Park’s all-new Tiger Trail. The immersive exhibit opens Memorial Day weekend.

The campaign, which plays up the hashtag #likeatiger, includes TV, print, digital, outdoor and transit. It targets the Southern California region.

The spots feature one of the actual Sumatran tigers from the exhibit, filmed on location at the Safari Park. Each imagines a world where kids confidently put their newly acquired “Tiger Power” to unexpected use. A call to “See it. Feel it. Live it.” invites visitors to experience tiger power themselves at the immersive new Tiger Trail exhibit.



In “Monster Truck,” a teen girl feels empowered to buy a gigantic truck after her encounter with a tiger, while in “Guitar Star,” a boy plays amazing riffs, even after his father pulls the plug on his efforts. In “Fireman,” a teen ends up saving a hapless fireman, who is shown holding a house cat. The TV spots invite viewers to download the park’s new app before their visit.

“Tigers have an almost mythological connotation for their power and mystique,” says James Bray, creative director at M&C Saatchi LA in a release. “We wanted to show kids tapping into that to develop their confidence, their own tiger power.”

Three pieces of tiger-themed artwork were also created for this campaign. These visuals will be used as teaser images to help promote the new exhibit via print, environmental, digital and social media and will also be used for outdoor and transit.

Guests will have a “thrilling and awe-inspiring” encounter with the tigers, and at the same time learn of the threats to the species, says Ted Molter, chief marketing officer for San Diego Zoo Global, in a release. 

The campaign “playfully” asks guests to identify with the confidence and power of tigers in the hopes that it will build greater appreciation for one of nature’s top predators, he adds.

Tigers face many challenges in the wild, from loss of habitat to conflicts with humans, but the biggest threat continues to be poaching. Tigers are killed by poachers, who then illegally sell tiger body parts, mostly for folk remedies.

By encouraging people to visit the Tiger Trail, the campaign not only helps to generate admission revenue critical for the fulfillment of San Diego Zoo Global's vision to end extinction, but also plays a part in the education of how guests can help protect wild tigers by avoiding products that harm tiger habitat and refusing to purchase items made from endangered wildlife.

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