TVPage Lets Brands Create Video Content Channels On Web Sites, Social Media

Charbroil, Jerome's Furniture, Uncommon Goods and Tilly's, among others, are all conscious that consumers are watching more videos from desktops and mobile devices. The companies have or plan to create online TV channels with help from TVPage, which officially rolls out its platform this week.

The platform allows marketers to create a TV channel for their Web site, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites by pulling in content hosted on Vimeo, YouTube and more.

"Making someone leave your Web site to view a video on YouTube is like kicking your customer out the store door and asking them to walk to the other side of the mall to look at a catalog, hoping they'll come back," said Allon Caidar, CEO of TVPage. "Chances are they won't come back."

TVPage lets brands integrate their videos into a dashboard through an API. Marketers can embed an entire collection to the online store. Each collection has a video guide, related products and player. Consumers can view the videos on desktops or mobile devices.



Today, the platform supports 11 templates that can provide thousands of custom interfaces. The open-source framework allows developers to create any custom dashboard. A search on a specific keyword will serve up related videos.

The platform creates a branded video content network by allowing companies to add TVPage to their Facebook page, Twitter page or most social sites. TVPage Analytics tell marketers the origin of conversions and shows the number of clicks and impressions.

Jerome's Furniture, one of the largest independent furniture retailers on the West Coast, has traditionally relied upon television advertising for its marketing. With an aggressive TV media buy and a memorable long-running advertising campaign, Jerome's Furniture has benefited from the power of video since 1954. The company managed to convert online videos into sales.

In April 2014, Jerome's experienced a 41% click-through rate to the product page. For every five people who watch a video on their TVPage player for a furniture product, two clicked through to purchase the product.

Tilly's strategy highlights a different type of branded page. It pulls in and showcases a variety of brands through the videos from surf, skate, motocross, and lifestyle apparel manufacturers -- literally hundreds of brands, such as Active, Adidas, Beats by Dre, Billibong, Crocks, Dickies, Diesel, and more.

Caidar said retention and conversions are the two important features of online marketing that the TVPage video channels solve.

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