You Too Can Win A Trip to Fort Lauderdale To Meet Jordan Zimmerman!

We're pretty sure Jordan Zimmerman, founder of Fort Lauderdale-based Zimmerman Advertising, doesn't want you ad agency types (likely he'd likely prefer new business prospects) entering his contest to win a three-day, two-night stay in Fort Lauderdale during which he will take you to a private lunch, tour you around his new offices and let you ask him any questions you want. All you have to do to enter the contest is to -- in Zimmerman's own words -- "Wow me. Show me how passionate you are about coming to meet me, getting an autographed copy of my book, asking me questions and learning from me how to build your dream." He wants to see your passion represented in a short video. He wants to feel your passion. He wants to feel your energy. He wants to know you want to be there with him. He adds: "Trust me. This will be worth your while." Watch this video. Clearly the man is intense. And did you see those arms? Don't mess with this guy!

Last year it was for charity. This year it's just for fun. This Friday, Austin-based GSD&M will host The Big Wheel 500, a race in which grown advertising professionals will climb aboard Big Wheels and race each other for fame, glory and a big bottle of Andre champagne. Other Austin agencies that will be participating are Proof Advertising, T-3, R/GA, nFusion, Razorfish, Thirteen23, Sanders Wingo, Latin Works, McGarrah Jessee, Ampersand Agency and Mason Zimbler. Guys, you should do this during SXSW!

Like clockwork, following the installation of Denise Karkos as its new CMO this past October, TD Ameritrade has selected a new agency of record. Havas will take over the account. Karkos, who was previously brand strategy managing director at TD Ameritrade, stepped into the CMO position following Phil Bowman. For Havas' sake, here's hoping Karkos remains CMO for the foreseeable future.

This just in! From those thick-headed types over at Heinz. Oh...just to clarify...they're not thick in the head. They're thick because, ya know, the ketchup is...thick? Get it? OK. Moving on. In a statement today, Heinz said: "Heinz is pleased to announce its partnership with global ad agencies, Omnicom and Interpublic Group, effective July 1. Omnicom has been awarded the vast majority of our global media business and will act as our key media agency moving forward, with IPG serving as the primary agency for our North American business. This decision was made after a comprehensive six month review process, in which our 20 global media agencies were simplified to two in order to better leverage our media buying and planning. As a result, we look forward to working with Omnicom and IPG to more efficiently leverage the scope and scale of the global Heinz brand."



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