Vote For PornHub's Next Creative Director

Back inMarchwe told you about a dream job opportunity. A job that would allow your prurient thoughts to shine rather than be shunned. Yes, a job at PornHub. The adult site launched an effort to seek safe-for-work designs for an upcoming ad campaign. Well after receiving 3,000 submissions, the site has selected 15 finalists. Some are pretty good. Others are plain awful. Anyone can now vote on the finalists. So do your part. Have your say. And feel good about the next time you visit PornHub.

It's nice to see an agency promote from within. Especially when it comes to the position of President and CEO. While Mcgarrybowen did look outside the agency to fill the role of New York Office CEO following the departure of Bill Borrelle who left in September for Pitney Bowes, the agency ultimately looked inward and found Tom Sewell. Sewell has been with the agency since 2008, most recently as executive managing director on the Verizon account. Sewell will oversee the office’s 600 employees and oversee such accounts as Staples, Chase and Chevron.

Ogilvy & Mather is changing its tune a bit on that Malala Yousafzai Bounce Back ad for Kurl-On Mattresses. While the agency initially said it was investigating its standards to determine how an ad like this was released, O&M India Chairman Piyush Pandey now says everyone was in the know from the get go. He says, "This is a client which has been in conversation with us for a long time. This work was presented to them and they said release it and we will see how it goes. We are not wrong in this." While he says he never saw the ads, he adds, "Everyone else starting from my national creative directors to the regional creative directors saw it in the making and everyone loved it." And there you have it. What some people believe to be an awesome campaign may not be as well received as expected.

It's not the layoffs that just occurred over at Wieden + Kennedy that are interesting -- though as many as 30 are said to have been laid off. What's interesting is the super-lengthy comment stream attached to the AgencySpy report that's truly interesting. Not that the topic, ageism, is new but the voracity and the contempt and the sadness and the anger and the helplessness and the frustration that's being shared regarding the plight of anyone over the age of 35 in the ad agency world is so disheartening, you just might want to skip the thread entirely. Unless, of course, you're under 35 and laughing at all the old farts bitching about their situation.
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