Mobile Programmatic Spend Explodes On AppNexus, Up 500% YoY

The shift to mobile -- and a marketer's willingness to spend on the small screen -- has not been undersold.

AppNexus on Thursday morning revealed that its mobile business has grown over 500% year-over-year, based on spend. The company made the announcement at its second annual European Summit.

There are 14 billion mobile impressions traded via AppNexus today, up from three billion one year ago -- a 400% increase. 

Mobile’s growth is evident through other figures, too. AppNexus said the number of campaigns targeting mobile supply have grown 10 times in the past year, with 65,000 mobile campaigns currently running through the AppNexus platform and 1,000 new mobile ads being uploaded daily.

AppNexus has also announced a new supply partner in Shazam, a mobile-first publisher and one of the most popular apps in the marketplace. Shazam is making its inventory available for programmatic buying via the Millennial Media exchange.



"AppNexus is a mobile company," stated CEO Brian O'Kelley. "We have a long history in desktop and are still deeply committed to that medium, but mobile is where the industry is heading and we've placed a huge bet on that opportunity.”

The company has revamped its partnership with Millennial Media. Per a release, Millennial Media is the first -- and currently only -- mobile ad exchange in the AppNexus Deals Open Beta, which is meant to facilitate “premium” mobile buys.

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  1. Howie Goldfarb from Blue Star Strategic Marketing, June 6, 2014 at 11:30 a.m.

    curious the revenue. I mean $1 to $5 is 500% and i have only clicked on 3 ads in 4 years. in fact 99% of the impressions were a waste of brand money. lets see if the story can change?

  2. Tyler Loechner from MediaPost, June 6, 2014 at 11:43 a.m.

    Howie, I do see what you're saying, but there are other figures AppNexus claimed that show that marketers are doing a more than just going from $1 in spend to $5 in mobile. (The # of available impressions, # of campaigns, etc.) I agree with you though that if the quality doesn't improve, we will likely see these high-growth figures sputter.

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