Toshiba Business Hypes Collaboration, Information

The business technology world has changed significantly since Toshiba America Business Solutions built its brand with printers, copiers and other solutions. To reflect that change, the company is launching a new brand positioning that shows off its collaborative abilities. 

The new initiative, “Together Information,” is intended to illustrate how Toshiba helps companies create, record, share, manage and display ideas and data.

“We had historically been a company that manufactured and sold office and printing equipment,” Bill Melo, chief marketing executive, services and solutions for Toshiba America Business Solutions, tells Marketing Daily. “With the advent of mobility and the cloud, people are not working the way they used to.”



The two words in the brand positioning are intended to highlight Toshiba Business Solutions’ key differentiators: the ability to manage information and work collaboratively with its clients, Melo says. 

“The point of difference is really on that first word. A lot of people in the technology [consulting] space focus on that technology,” he says. “While our technology is top notch and leading edge, what our clients want from us and value from us is collaboration.”

The new positioning will first be communicated to the company’s employees before being rolled out through print and social media channels, Melo says. “Like any other business that’s evolving, it’s important to have our [employees] understand our values,” he says. 

The “Together Information” line follows the January 2013 launch of Toshiba’s Global Commerce Solutions line, “Together Commerce,” and is meant to tie in to Toshiba Corp.’s global tagline, “Leading Innovation.” It also marks the first time Toshiba’s Business Solutions division has been united under one global theme. 

“The world is a smaller place, and our customers want a consistent experience,” Melo says. “It’s creating a common culture and image that shows what we’re all about.”

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