AdRoll Opens Up Mobile Ad Retargeting On Facebook

Retargeting platform AdRoll earlier this year introduced the ability for marketers to retarget ads to customers and prospects across devices. On Thursday, the company announced AdRoll Retargeting for Mobile would extend to all advertisers using its system following the initial beta period.

The service enables advertisers to retarget desktop users on both Facebook’s and Twitter’s mobile apps, using the social networks Custom Audiences tool and Twitter’s Tailored Audience offering in a single dashboard. To date, the offering has only been available to managed accounts on Adroll.

But the company is now extending cross-device retargeting on Facebook to all advertisers through its self-service dashboard, with plans to open up Twitter retargeting widely later this year.



Starting today, marketers can retarget Facebook users on smartphones and tablets using the social network’s app-install ads and mobile news feed ads. App-install ads have been a cash cow for Facebook, believed to account for the bulk of its $1.3 billion in mobile ad revenue in the first quarter.

Based on more than 100 retargeting campaigns in early testing, AdRoll said click-through rates ranged from 1% to 3%, with cost-per-click rates between 20 cents and a dollar, and cost-per-installs as low as 50 cents. In creating campaigns, advertisers can specify things like mobile platform, such as iOS or Android, as well as a particular version of a mobile OS.

AdRoll says it has about 15,000 ad customers overall.

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