PetSmart Charities, Pair For Dating Events

PetSmart Charities and Match have teamed up for a series of pet-friendly dating events.

The pet supplies retailer’s non-profit charitable affiliate and the online dating service are hosting Stir events in four cities across the U.S. and Canada. Stir, events by Match, is in its third year of providing singles with creative and innovative experiences for singles to meet offline.

The events will include appearances by the Purina Incredible Dog Team, professional trainers and local food trucks. To sign up for these events, singles can become members or subscribe at

The first event was held in Dallas on June 1.

“It went very well, with about 78 people in attendance,” says Steve Pawlowski, PetSmart Charities media relations manager.



The remaining events are July 27 in Chicago, Aug. 10 in Philadelphia and Aug. 17 in Vancouver.

“These are fairly small events, roughly 50-75 members,” Pawlowski says. “We will invite local partner shelters to attend, but the atmosphere is not conducive to adoptions, so they will not bring adoptable pets with them. PetSmart Charities will provide information on our life-saving programs.”

Match conducted a survey of 1,000 singles and more than 80% identifed as a pet lover.

“The Truth about Pets and Dating” pinpoint when to introduce their pet to a potential date; how singles rely on their pet’s judgment of a date; and, whether or not “cat people” and “dog people” can truly make a love connection.

“As the leader in pet adoptions in North America, we take pride in making the perfect match between adopted pets and their new pet parents,” said Todd Cramer, senior programs manager, PetSmart Charities, in a release. “This survey has confirmed that pets play a significant role in making (or breaking) a relationship. The key is knowing how to successfully introduce your adopted pet into a budding relationship and to make your pet a priority in your dating life.”

Other highlights include that 59% of singles agree that finding out your date had adopted rather than bought their pet would make them seem more attractive. Along the same lines, 66% of men and women would not date someone who didn’t like pets.

Men should note that 27% of women find photos of pets in an online dating profile a turn-on. Men are almost four times more likely to use their pet to attract a potential date than women (22% vs. 6%).

Seventy percent of singles think their dates’ reaction to their pet is important and 35% of single women have been more attracted to someone because of their pet.

Almost three-quarters (72%) of single women say that a dog is the “hottest pet a guy could own” however 28% of single men would be turned off if a woman’s pet could fit in her handbag.

Dog owners are less open to having a relationship with a cat owner. Only 66% of dog owners would date “cat people” vs. 97% of cat owners who would date “dog people.”

"Couple with dog" photo from Shutterstock.

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