Growing Streaming Video Impacts TV Trends

Streaming of video content is growing -- but slowly -- when it comes to the ways that Americans most often watch TV.

A Harris Poll reveals that 23% say they are watching more streaming television programming now than they were a year ago. But at the same time, 37% say their streaming viewership is no different than last year, and 7% say they are watching less this way now than a year ago.

Nearly 20% expect to be watching more streaming television programming a year from now, while 4% expect to be watching less and half, 50%, don't anticipate a change.

Millennials continue to lead the streaming trend. Their non-streaming TV preference -- traditional TV -- has declined to 68% from 77%, while streaming preference has grown to 47%. from 41%.
Traditional TV programs remain the driver for streaming. Some 50% of TV's likely "core" constituents -- those who list streaming among their top go-to's for television shows -- say they've subscribed to streaming services for access to specific shows.

In a note to TV marketing executives: 60% would like to watch pilots and then vote on what gets ordered as full series. The survey also says 40% would be willing to pay extra for a service to stream current shows ad-free.

The Harris Poll researched 2,300 U.S. adults surveyed online between April 16 and 21, 2014.

"Watching TV" photo from Shutterstock.



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