UNICEF Uses Email to Fundraise Across the Globe

Email is not dead for children's rights nonprofit UNICEF. The company sends emails to supports across the developed world to help raise money to support needy kids around the globe. The company raised $177 million via digital channels in 2013, and a large portion of that comes from email.

"Email is a workhorse for fundraising," said Anita Yuen, digital fundraising manager at UNICEF.

Email is cost effective and allows the company to get messaging out quickly when disaster strikes. "Email is a no-brainer," said Yuen. "It allows us to get out to people quickly in the cases of emergency."

The company sends emails to donors in 36 developed markets. Each local office manages the list and sends out messages to reach its local donor base and sends out based on need. For example, after the typhoon in The Phiippines last year, the company sent out a series of fundraising to constituents in Australia to help raise money. The majority of the emergency income that was generated came from this effort.



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