Payback Germany Finds That Personalized Emails Have Higher KPIs

Mark Brauch, head of Digital Directmarketing, at Payback, a couponing platform based in Germany, said that personalization is very important to the brand's email marketing strategy in order to give the best offer to every customer. 

In a panel discussion at Email Insider Europe, Brauch revealed that the company looks at the time and frequency that a customer opens an email throughout the day and uses this to create customer preferences. They then take this data and mail specifically based on these patterns. In addition, the company uses segmentation on every offer. This means that out of 50 offers, every customer gets about 5 offers. "When we dispatch one of these newsletters we get about 120,000 combinations of each newsletter," he said.

Another example of personalization is that the company sends localized maps within emails that are based on that customer's historic information.

Personalization is very important to help the company drive engagement. "The customer just gets the information he needs and is looking for and we see it in the KPIs," said Brauch. "When we dispatch emails that are not personalized the unsubscription rate is much higher."



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