Mister:-|Face Launches New Ad-Focused Comedy Unit

Humor is one of the most effective advertising tactics and now, Mister:-|Face, a NYC-based content creation company, wants to be known as the expert for all things funny by launching a live-action production unit with some of the best comedic talent.

"Let’s face it; the comedy video space is crowded," says Mister:-|Face CCO and Founder Tony Mennuto. "Our differentiators: we offer high-level production quality, people who know comedy, and access to big name talent. This business is built on trust and relationships. We’re new. Once people get to know us, they will stalk us." He adds, "The goal of the company has always been to bring 'legit' comedy to advertising."

The agency has compiled an impressive roster of directors, comedians, improvisers and producers, including Todd Beiber (Director of Content and Production, Upright Citizens Brigade), Jim Biederman (EP/Director, The Kids In The Hall and The Whitest Kids You Know), Brad Hasse (an ADC “Young Guns X”-winning director), Tim Bierbaum (Director/Animator, Above Average Productions), and Unbundled Underground (branded content filmmakers).



This unique combination of comedians, directors, ex-agency executives and branding experts will take a "soup-to-nuts approach" towards executing client requests and deliverables. "We are pitching ourselves as a combo of comedy heavy-hitters who share a bed with ex-ad agency folks - people like EP Michael Glennon who has produced for some of the biggest agencies in the country," says Mennuto. "In other words, we know how to make clients happy while creating legitimate, culturally relevant comedic content."

Each director and producer was selected through personal relationships and for his or her comedy pedigree. Still, all of its directors will have their desks elsewhere, meaning they primarily serve as consultants. "This model allows us to retain the best talent in the country," says Mennuto. "Maybe one day we’ll get more desks and staplers."

This new unit will be based within Mister:-|Face, which continues to operate under audio post production house Sound Lounge. These two companies are closely intertwined. The agency was founded five years ago by Sound Lounge’s Executive Creative Director Mennuto. They share services such as casting, client services, and audio post-production. And Mister:-|Face benefits from Sound Lounge’s long-time relationships with the city’s top editorial and finishing houses, as well as music companies. Plus, the addition of Sound Lounge’s new on-camera casting company SideCar, gives in-house access to some of the best-known comedic performers in NY.

Thus far, the agency's comedians, copywriters, and producers have made several videos for clients, including a multi-platform campaign for Dot.me, an alternative to getting a dot.com address. In a video for the domain company comedian TJ Miller tells viewers, “You’re not a corporation, you’re a person. Get the right web address.”

Another campaign for Fiat made in conjunction with CBS and Universal McCann was called “Alternate Routes,” a storytelling series across video and radio.

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