Turn Boosts 'Programmatic TV' Offering With AdMore Partnership

Turn, a company with both a demand-side platform (DSP) and data management platform (DMP), has upped its ante on programmatic TV via a partnership with AdMore, an automated TV ad-buying platform.

The news comes several months after Turn first announced its foray into programmatic TV. This partnership will see AdMore integrated into Turn’s DMP.

“Turn recently announced the launch of our programmatic TV offering and we are thrilled to bring it to market with AdMore,” stated Paul Alfieri, SVP of marketing at Turn. Turn clients can now create and target audiences across display, mobile, social, digital video and linear TV.

It should be noted that “programmatic” in this case does not mean real-time bidding (RTB); this partnership is about data-driven TV audience targeting and the elimination of many manual processes.

Brendan Condon, CEO of AdMore, said to Real-Time Daily that the AdMore-Turn partnership allows national brand advertisers to find TV audiences and “digitally send campaigns to hundreds of TV station partners simultaneously and monitor their performances as the ads run.”

He added: “Programmatic TV can only be considered possible when you can dynamically insert an ad campaign into linear programming content -- which is not available today but definitely on the horizon for the industry.”

AdMore is a division of Media Properties Holdings. It claims to reach over 110 million households via relationships with over 1,200 local market TV stations, national cable networks, cable systems, cable interconnects and syndicators.

Turn has an exclusive agreement with AdMore, per a company representative, meaning it will be the only DMP and DSP that AdMore will be integrated with.

"Watching TV" image from Shutterstock.

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