OneSpot Plugs Into Facebook Exchange For 'Content Marketing Retargeting'

Content marketing platform OneSpot on Tuesday announced it now supports content retargeting on Facebook, including via the Facebook Exchange (FBX). OneSpot’s platform lets advertisers take existing content and turn it into content-based advertising. 

According to OneSpot CEO Steve Sachs, the company added Facebook retargeting to its arsenal to help marketers keep pace with consumers that are on multiple screens and devices.

Distributing and targeting content is challenging for any brand to do at scale on one online channel, let alone the growing number of channels consumers use on a daily basis,” stated Sachs. “Marketers need to make their content strategies compatible with the natural multi-channel behavior of consumers who are increasingly turning to social, mobile and other environments for discovery and sharing.” 



OneSpot claims it reached 94% of U.S. Internet users prior to tapping into Facebook. A company representative told Real-Time Daily that it’s “hard to say what Facebook adds to that particular figure,” but the fact Facebook has over one billion users makes it likely OneSpot will be exposed to “more users than [it] currently [has] access to.”

“More importantly though, it's the ‘share of use’ where this new capability really shines,” the rep added. “Being able to stitch together a series of content placements across display and the Facebook newsfeed gets us more bites at the apple -- wherever that apple may be at any given online moment.”

The company also says it doesn’t support WCA (Website Custom Audiences from Facebook), but it does let clients retarget users on the mobile Web. Mobile app inventory is not currently available for retargeting through OneSpot’s platform.

“Intelligently connecting social and display channels for content promotion offers us an even greater ability to connect online audiences with our content -- regardless of whether users are reading online articles, interacting with friends on social networks or engaging in other content experiences,” stated Luke Kintigh, global content strategist at Intel and managing editor at IQ by Intel.

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