Adform Toughens Up Against Ad Fraud With 'Bearskin'

Adform, a Denmark-based ad tech company, on Wednesday announced the launch of a new ad fraud detection technology, dubbed Bearskin. The tech will be integrated into Adform’s programmatic offerings, including its demand-side platform (DSP) and private marketplaces for publishers.

The company claims that Bearskin protects programmatic traders from botnets, ad insertions, re-directs and OS hacking. Martin Stockfleth Larsen, CMO of Adform, said the tech is “all about white lists, black lists and machine learning.”

Larsen says there will be fewer “fake clicks and impressions, especially from long-tail sites which often come from open exchanges.” He added: “This means better real human traffic performance, which is a win-win for advertisers.”

The new tech also measures viewability, per a release. The company claims that all data provided by Bearskin will be available pre-bid in real-time bidding (RTB) environments.



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