Leo Burnett Employees Take Miller Lite Pitch to Social Media With #ItsMillerTimeLB

In an effort to amp up the ongoing pitch process for the Miller Lite account, Leo Burnett employees have taken to social media. Employees such as Director of Operations David Kuta, EVP Cliff Schwander, Account Supervisor Emily Myjak, Creative Director Chad Ingram, Finance Manager (and 2010 ABC The Bachelorette participant) Frank Neuschaefer along with many others are posting images of themselves with Miller Lite on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #ItsMillerTimeLB. Nothing like a social media blitz to get an agency stoked for a pitch...and to let the client know the agency is fired up. The brand launched the creative review in mid-August. Also participating are TBWA LA and Ogilvy's Royal Order. May the best...ahem...hashtagger win!

Hmm. This could end badly. With questionable wisdom, Campbell Soup has tapped crazy Seattle Seahawks NFL player Richard Sherman for the its Chunky Soup "Mama's Boy" campaign. Sherman's mother will appear in the ads as well. Sherman has a long list of drama including getting fined by the NFL for taunting San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree on ESPN and calling ESPN host Skip Bayless "an ignorant, pompous, egotistical cretin." Oh and let's not forget his almost suspension for going against the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing drugs. We can't wait to see what happens when Sherman finds out there's more chemicals in Campbell Soup than he's ever consumed on his own.

Well Sprint is a mess, right? With Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in 2011, the brand shifted the account to a collection of Publicis agencies only to hand the account to Figliulo & Partners last year. And the brand has also dumped that agency's Frobinson's campaign. Remember IBM OS/2? How about Polaroid or Kodak? How about Zenith? How about Circuit City? How about Blockbuster? All killed either because their competitors did it better or the market left them behind. Sprint is a bit like these companies in that, really, do we honestly need more than AT&T and Verizon to handle our personal telecommunications needs? With the massive girth these two giants have, how can a company like Sprint possibly hope to make even the tiniest dent? But forge ahead they will. And select a new creative agency they will. Because, dammit, Nextel was gonna be awesome and we still can be!

Creative veteran Shira Bogart, formerly with AKQA and Chiat/Day, has joined San Francisco-based Swirl as creative director. She brings account experience such as Levi's, Nike, Target, Gap and Old Navy to the agency. Recently, Bogart was selected to be a member of the Facebook Creative Council and was named to Business Insider’s list of “Most Creative Women in Advertising.” Of her joining the agency, Swirl ECD Kevin McCarthy said, “Shira brings the passion of a great storyteller and a unique and diverse set of skills and experience to Swirl. She’s also an adept communicator, prototyping experiences with clients rather than just explaining them. We are excited to add such a powerful creative mind to our digital creative team.”



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