They're Beautiful; Too Beautiful

Apparently it is hard to be extremely beautiful, which is why Sir Richard's Condom Co. and ad agency TDA_Boulder are launching a tongue-in-cheek public service campaign to “prevent” the "Super Super Model." The effort is designed to promote its line of buy-one, give-one condoms. For every condom Sir Richard’s sells—millions, to date—one is donated to a community in need. 

The concept shows a pretty young girl sitting alone with a voice-over describing her fate with: “You may have seen one in New York or Paris. A child so beautiful you must look away. Rejected by peers, and even their own parents, they are the lonely child of, not one, but two super models. They are super super models, their excessive beauty forcing them to live a life of solitude.” Then, the viewer is encouraged to prevent another beautiful child from happening by using its condoms. View the spot here.



The goal is to build brand awareness among social/style influencers, especially women. The campaign will run on cable TV nets such as E!, and also online at fashion-related sites, including Women’,, 

Additional support comes from Flash banners linking to the :30 spot, via a fashion keyword buy on mass market websites including YouTube, Facebook, BuzzFeed, Google+.

“Our target is both men and women, age 25-40," says Tracey Forster, CEO, Sir Richard's Condom Co. "While men are historically the target for condom ads, Sir Richard's fans are both. In fact, more than half of our online purchases are from women, and half of our social media audience is women as well.”

The multi-city campaign includes TV and digital buys during New York Fashion Week, Sept. 4 – 11; then, the campaign will scale down to only digital outreach during London Fashion Week, Sept. 12 – 16 and Los Angeles Fashion Week, Oct. 7 – 19.

Earlier this summer, Sir Richard’s Condom Co., a joint venture of TDA_Boulder and equity partners, launched a social awareness campaign connected to the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision. The social media campaign - which distributed a free box of condoms to Hobby Lobby employees to those who requested one - resulted in 784 Facebook Likes, 166 Shares, 187 Comments, and 15 requests for free boxes of condoms. Then, the Boulder Daily Camera picked the campaign up on its Facebook page, resulting in an additional 681 Likes and 163 Shares. Sir Richard's executives describe the response as "fantastic."
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