StrawberryFrog and Indrani Launch Campaign To Combat Ebola

Advertising agency StrawberryFrog has teamed with Hollywood director Indrani and the charitable organization Afya Foundation, which helps deliver medical supplies and materials, to raise awareness and money to support health workers in Sierra Leone, and combat the spread of deadly Ebola outbreak.

The campaign centers around a video -- titled, Statistic -- developed in close collaboration between Danielle Butin of Afya, Scott Goodson of StrawberryFrog, and Indrani, who is known for her work with Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.

"This film is intended to be a powerful message in what feels like a voice in the wilderness, offering hope and something for people to do now to help stop Ebola in West Africa where critical care items are urgently in need," says Goodson.



The video -- running in the U.S. -- is designed to drive viewers to the fundraising effort launched on Fundly, a Web site that makes it easier to accept donations

This partnership between StrawberryFrog and Afya grew from personal interest. "My son Jacoby asked me what we could do to help stop the terrible Ebola devastation in West Africa," says Goodson. "We received a note from Afya which was asking for help gathering critical care items like bleach, buckets, rubber gloves and donations to send to Africa. They are based just outside Manhattan although they seek donations across the country. We met with Danielle, the head of the organization and immediately felt that we had to do what we could to help her."

This pro bono effort was also facilitated by the upscale world of advertising. Indrani said: "When in the midst of a fashion commercial, Scott turned to me with 'Can you create a spot in three days to support Afya's work against Ebola?' I didn't hesitate: we need urgent action now! Producer GK Reid and I were thrilled to jump in to help Afya support those who are risking their lives to protect us all.”

This is StrawberryFrog's first time working with Afya. "I think people want to help but don't know what to do," says Goodson. "They see all the suffering in Africa and we wanted to wake people up, show them what could happen here at home if they don't engage, offer them hope. And ask them to give generously to the" 

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