Unruly Takes Control Of Quality, Launches Programmatic Ad Platform For Viewable-Only Video Buys

Unruly, a marketing tech company with a focus on social video advertising, on Thursday announced a partnership with Index Exchange, a division of Casale Media, to tap into programmatic demand. In conjunction with the partnership, Unruly has announced the launch of UnrulyX, a programmatic ad platform that lets advertisers buy video inventory on a viewable impression basis. Advertisers using Unruly’s new platform will only pay for in-feed video ads that were viewed.

Scott Button, CEO and founder of Unruly, says the platform was built to include what he calls the “holy trinity” of mobile, video and native.

Unruly takes the industry standard for viewable impression one step further -- or, rather, one second further. The Media Rating Council (MRC) standard for a viewable video ad is 50% of the ad being in-view for two continuous seconds. Unruly will only charge advertisers if “the video player is directly viewable on the screen for three continuous seconds,” per a release. The company says the winning bidder is only notified if the video ad meets Unruly’s “viewable” standard.



“Our RTB integration with Index Exchange provides publishers on our platform with direct access to a broad swath of premium programmatic demand from leading platforms, including Varick Media,” stated Button. “The company claims the platform already reaches 170 million global unique users monthly.

“We are thrilled to be able to align our infrastructure and demand partnerships with supply sources that offer quality and viewability,” stated Alex Gardner, VP of platform solutions at Index Exchange. “There is no question that viewability is in high demand and this partnership with Unruly allows us to deliver high quality, viewable programmatic video inventory that will lead to better outcomes for buyers, while also providing Unruly’s publishers with the premium, scalable demand they want and need.”

For its new platform, Unruly has also partnered with Integral Ad Science, a digital ad quality rating firm, and with Moat, a viewability measurement firm. Both Integral and Moat are MRC-accredited vendors. Integral's tech will be used to monitor brand safety while Moat's will be used to verify viewability.

“This is a very welcome move by Unruly because buying premium video inventory at scale in safe, well-lit environments is critical to our clients,” stated Rowena Johnson, global digital director at Mediacom. “The UnrulyX offering is strong because it exceeds IAB and MRC standards on viewability.”

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  1. Marc Podell from Torrential, October 29, 2014 at 12:46 p.m.

    One more second? WOW!

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