YouAppi Builds Mobile Predictive Technology To Find Loyal Customers

Many times mobile apps are dead in the water even before consumers give them a try. The average smartphone owner downloads about 42 apps on his or her device, but per a study of the more than 3,700 smartphone and tablet users who downloaded an application to their device in the past 30 days, 84% said they use less than 10 apps daily, and 55% said they only use between one and four daily.

YouAppi thinks it can change these stats with technology it calls OneRun. The technology focuses on post-conversion performance and forecasts customer life-time value (LTV) for mobile. Getting consumers to use an app rather than a mobile Web site allows the brand or publisher to learn about their customers' needs in a controlled environment. YouAppi's proprietary predictive algorithms in OneRun analyze use and spend habits of more than 200 million mobile customers using 1,100 apps and mobile sites. The technology goes beyond the basic installation to find consumers predicted to generate the highest post-conversion LTV.



Similar to personalized search based on data Google collects about searcher, YouAppi's predictive and matching algorithms evaluate 25 real-time data parameters like customer behavior, interests, location, time and demographic data to serve content or advertisements. YouAppi CEO Moshe Vaknin said the technology reduces customer acquisition cost by up to 70%, in part by generating conversion rates averaging 10% for potentially new customers, and 30% for those who return. A mobile marketer in financial services managed to reduce the cost per acquisition by 68%.

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