Ditto Labs Brings Image Recognition To Social Audience Targeting

Ditto Labs, an image recognition platform, on Tuesday announced an upgrade to its platform to allow advertisers to target consumers based on photos they have posted. It’s an expansion on more “traditional” social-based targeting that relies text, hashtag mentions or follows, Ditto Labs asserts.

Ditto Labs monitors publicly shared photos from Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram, per a release. The company claims its tech can recognize brand images within photos. Its platform ranks posters by recency and number followers and also collects each consumer’s Klout Influencer score, which is meant to show how influential each consumer is on social media.

Ditto Labs also says it will measure brand affinities, giving marketers a read on how consumer feel about their brand and competitors.

“Our technology offers immediate access to people posting photos about your brand and competitors,” stated David Rose, CEO of Ditto Labs. “Now, savvy ad buyers can acquire new customers based on what appears in public photos. For example, Budweiser can directly reach people holding a can of Miller.”

Image-based social media continues to hit new heights. Last week, Instagram announced it has surpassed 300 million active users with over 70 million photos shared daily. Other image-based sites, such as Pinterest, continue to thrive, while text-based platforms, such as Twitter, have made moves to support more image sharing on their platforms.

The company says audience segments created on its platform can be imported into data management platforms (DMPs) or ad serving platforms.

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