AgilOne Becomes Predictive Marketing Cloud

AgilOne has made a data management platform available that integrates into its customer intelligence platforms. With its new version, it has added predictive tools to take on the marketing cloud. The custom tools offer the ability to personalize Web pages, email, search and Facebook, as well as direct physical mail. It also improves the platform's API features to collect mobile data, and integrate into call centers and point-of-sale systems.

Predictive marketing analytics is about crunching numbers. The explosion of data brought marketers a new type of analytics tool, although the technology isn't new. Other industries have used predictive analytics for years, but not predictive marketing analytics. The electronics industry has used predictive analytics to predict the number of components it needs to manufacture smartphones and other hardware in specific regions. It's about crunching numbers from a variety of data from email to social to search and beyond.



IGIGI CEO Alex Brodsky said the company, which designs and manufactures clothing for women, has been using the AgilOne platform for about 1.5 years for reporting and product development. The reporting provides information on product sales, such as how many people were interested in a particular style, size and color, as well as how many people bought the item in the past two months compared with the prior two months. Now it plans to use the platform to design and serve content, as well as creating dynamic catalog pages. The next step will be creating dynamic emails, which IGIGI will begin testing next month.

The more knowledge that is available about the buyer, the more optimized content, ads and Web pages. And the more that is known about the buyer, the more sophisticated the targeted message and successful the campaign will be.

As for AgilOne, the company is getting attention from those most familiar with predictive marketing. In January, Brett Queener, president and chief operating officer of SmartRecruiters and former executive vice president and general manager of the Marketing Cloud, and Phil Mui, executive vice president, chief technology and product innovation officer at Acxiom, joined AgilOne's advisory board. 

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