NEW! What Would You Do For a Bowl Of KRAFT Mac & Cheese?

kraftmcKRAFT Mac & Cheese launched a trio of ads for its ongoing "You Know You Love it" campaign. "Young at Heart" stars the adorable Estelle Harris as a grandmother who chooses to sit at the kids' table so she can eat macaroni and cheese. Harris steals her granddaughter's seat, forcing the young girl to move to the adult's table, knowing full well her grandma's motives. See it here. In "Airplane Detour," a mom feeding her son uses the old spoon as an airplane trick, but the plot twist is mom feeds herself a spoonful of mac and cheese. Watch it here. The final ad, "Pots Galore," emphasizes the amount of protein found in mac and cheese, along with a father's inability to use just one pot to cook dinner. See it here. CP+B created the campaign.

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