Watch Out Ad World, China Is About To Steal 'Madison Avenue'

With a bit of logic that's twisted at best, Y&R China CCO Nils Andersson says Britain owned creativity during the 19th century, America owned it in the 20th century, and -- because things always happen in nice, even 100-year chunks -- China will own creativity in the 21st century.

But he does have a point, and he argues: "Anything is possible in China. Dream something up and there is always someone somewhere who wants to make it happen. It’s a very different feeling from working in the West. The Chinese wait for nothing; China does everything at speed. Sometimes you could argue, too quickly, but the rest of the world needs to wise up to the fact that comparatively, they are moving in slow motion."

Much in the same way that everyone from every industry seems to think China will rule the world sooner than later, it basically boils down to a numbers game. There are a lot more Chinese people than any other. Andersson expands on this, noting: "Despite it being early in ‘China’s century’, the country’s growth as a creative powerhouse should not be underestimated. The sheer amount of amazing talent; with a population of that size the law of averages dictates a phenomenal number of gifted creatives will emerge from China -- many of whom are already gracing the local, regional and global stage."

Will this happen? It's anyone's guess. But they did have the best, most spectacular opening and closing Olympic ceremony of any country, like, ever. So there's that



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  1. David Scardino from TV & Film Content Development, February 24, 2015 at 12:27 p.m.

    Anything is possible in China? How about democracy...?

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