Stop The Dresses: BuzzFeed Sets Record, No Kittens Involved

This just in… literally, it’s on the network morning news shows as we hold MediaPost’s virtual presses to add this breaking story to this morning’s edition: BuzzFeed reports a post about a dress set a new traffic record for the publisher of a popular newsfeed known for its coverage of adorable little critters, trivial and occasionally inane content. Like this one, about the color of a dress.

“It drew more visitors to our site at one time than ever before,” BuzzFeed Senior Communications Manager Christina DiRusso gushed in a press released received by MediaPost late Thursday night. “At one point tonight more than 670,000 people were on simultaneously, 500K of those on mobile, and half of those people were reading the dress post. Over 10M people have read the post so far, and almost 900K have taken our poll.”



At presstime, was reporting 23,172,746 views and still trending.

“Lot to get to this morning, including that great dress,” ABC “Good Morning America” anchor George Stephanopulous just commented, plugging a forthcoming segment on BuzzFeed’s dress post, which ranked fourth in national news importance in ABC’s morning news rundown, following “Jihadi John,” the Utah doctor accused of murdering his wife, and a report accusing a Heisman Award-winning football player of rape.

“All because of this doggone dress,” added “GMA’s” T.J. Holmes, gesturing to the dress that has become the source of a social media-breaking national debate because of an optical phenomenon that occurs when people look at it: Some people see it as (white and gold stripes, while others see it as black and blue).

“Currently, 74% of readers see a white and gold dress. Only 26% see black and blue,” BuzzFeed’s DiRusso wrote Thursday night, explaining: “Our science editor explains why people might see different colors here.”

BuzzFeed has a science editor? That’s a story.
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