Programmatic Insourcing: It's The New In-House Media-Buying

Leave it to a senior Accenture executive to come up with a higher-level way of describing the shift toward in-house programmatic media-buying.

Presenting at the Programmatic Insider Summit this morning, Craig Macdonald, managing director, Pacific Lead, communications, media, technology, Accenture, used the term “insourcing” to explain the phenomenon.

No -- Macdonald didn’t mean his clients are taking their buying away from outsource entities in Mumbai, per se. What he meant was that clients are increasingly seeing programmatic as an opportunity to bring media-buying back in-house.

He said that a year ago, Accenture would see a request from big brand marketers to evaluate the insource option about once or twice a quarter. This year, he said, he is seeing that number of requests every month.

“These things weren’t up for bid a year ago,” he told Summit attendees, adding, “We need to find a way to do this more economically.”

This article initially appeared as a "Show Daily" post during day one -- Monday, March 23 -- of the 2015 Programmatic Insider Summit in Scottsdale, AZ. The event continues through March 25 and can be followed live here.



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