AOL Lets Roku Users Get 'Connected' First

AOL is letting Roku users to get a first look at the pilot for “Connected,” a new reality series AOL otherwise premieres on March 31. 

The half-hour program is an event of sorts for AOL--its first long-form series.  The sneak preview started yesterday.

“Connected” follows six New York couples including club owner/aspiring writer Jonathan Bricklin and his girlfriend, actress Susan Sarandon, among others, as they cope with living, working, succeeding and failing in the big city, using footage compiled themselves with handheld cameras over six months.

It’s based on an Israeli reality series by the same name produced by Koda Communications.

The AOL On version executive producers are Dermot McCormack, the president of AOL Video and AOL Studios; Ram Landes and Ami Teer from Koda; and Morgan Spurlock of Warrior Poets. Sprint is the advertising sponsor.

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